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Our Story

The Argument of the Month started sometime in 2000 in the back of the St. Clair Broiler.  The dynamics have changed a bit since then but the basic concept is still the same.  Our goal was to help ourselves and our friends better explain and defend the Catholic Faith over good food and drink!  I was teaching Catholic apologetics out of my house and on Sunday morning at St. Helena Catholic Church when DJ Simerson approached me with an idea.  The idea was that we should start an apologetics group that was modeled after a group he saw on the internet that would discuss theology over pizza and beer.  Mom always said you get to a man's heart through his stomach.  He even had a name for it, "The Argument of the Month Club." This sounded like a great idea and it was. 

We started with a group of six men that we split into two half's - one took a protestant position, the other the Catholic position.  We did this for our first year.  Then in fall of 2001 we were invited to come to St. Helena by Jon Sondag, the Religious Education Director.  Our numbers grew from six to twenty in a couple of months and we changed the format.  A speaker was brought in and presented a position on a given topic.  The men could argue with him during the Q&A and now I became a cook and administrator.  The honeymoon was over! We brought in speakers from around the twin cities to debate on apologetic topics and our numbers grew consistently over the next two and half years, to about 65. 

During this time the group was open to all and only two women ever came.  We prayed and believed this was God's providence.  God was showing us that men needed a group that allowed them to come, talk about the issues that mattered most and share in a common bond or brotherhood rooted Catholicism.  Modern society has tried to kill true manhood and we hoped this was one way to help restore it.  Of course once we said it was for men only a lot of women said, "Hey we want to come!"  Sorry gals too late.  Most women, however, have been very supportive of our group.

In the fall of 2005, after two and a half years at St. Helena, we moved to our current location at St. Augustine. Since then we have had many great presentations and debates. Our numbers rose as fast as we could handle. Trying to cook, find speakers and coordinate volunteers for a constantly expanding group was daunting but proof that God uses the least likely people to do his work since none of us had experience in any of this. All the more proof that God's providence has been leading and growing the AOTM! Many have worked hard to help the AOTM grow to what it is today is incredible. I am humbled and grateful for their sacrifice to this apostolate. It has been a lot of work, but we believe worth it. For the past 2010 and 2011 season (except for one event) our numbers have been consistently around 380-390. We started the AOTM with six men and now our mailing list is over 580 men and growing.

Faith, Food, and Fellowship
The "Argument Of The Month" brings men together for the purpose of teaching and defending the catholic faith, through debate and discussion on current issues of faith, politics and culture while enjoying great food in the fellowship of other men.
Every Second Tuesday
The Catholic Men's Argument of the Month meets every second Tuesday of the month from October through May.
St. Augustine's Catholic Church
In the basement of St. Augustine's Catholic Church.
408 3rd St N.
South St Paul, MN 55075
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To Defend the Faith
The war of our time, is "The War Against Truth". This fellowship of men fights for The Truth, by bringing the clarity of Truth, to the Catholic and the non-Catholic. It is our hope that men, enlightened by the Truth and encouraged by fellowship, will return to the home and workplace better prepared to wage war on all the evils of our day. How? By living more fully their Christian faith, fulfilling their proper roles in our society and in the family, and thereby change our world.


All-male monthly club draws 300-plus . . .

Men's Groups Come of Age

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