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AOTM Season Kick Off! November 11th

The Crusades: Can You Handle the Truth of what Really Happened?

Presentation by Christopher Check

Attention Catholic Men: Did you know that You’ve Been Lied to All Your Life by Revisionist ‘Historians’?

You think the Inquisition was all about genocide committed by the Catholic Church against everyone with whom they disagreed. Right? What if I were to tell you that fewer heretics were put to death under the entire Spanish Inquisition (in the 16 century) than during the short reign of Queen Elizabeth I—you know, ‘Good Queen Bess’?

You think Galileo was a freedom fighter and that the "anti-Science” Catholic Church was all about shutting down science and promoting superstition. Right? Well, what if I were to tell you that the Church was the chief sponsor of science at the time, that Galileo was a lifelong faithful Catholic, that most scientists at the time were Catholic priests and that Galileo’s case is not at all what it seems? Did you know, for example, that Galileo repented, apologized, received the Last Rites and died in the good graces of the Church he loved? The revisionist "historians” left that part off. Why?

And how about those Crusades? Yes, you know, ever since grade school we were told horror stories about marauding crusaders raping and pillaging their way through poor Muslim villages in pursuit of gold, power and glory? There was nothing good about those guys, right?

In November, the AOTM is proud to bring back historian Christopher Check from Catholic Answers as part of our "Anti-Catholic Revisionists Exposed” series. You remember Chris Check telling us what really happened with the Cristeros, the Mexican Revolution of the 1920s, and what really happened at Lepanto in previous AOTMs. This year he’s going to tell us what really happened with the Crusades.

The Crusades: Can You Handle the Truth?

In the popular imagination the Crusades were an exercise in the brutal and intolerant colonization of Palestine by savage French knights determined to enrich themselves. In reality, in both intention and action, the Crusades were something quite different. This lecture will help Catholic understand what the Crusades were and also help them defend the Church against the charge that Catholics should apologize for this sometimes glorious and sometimes tragic moment in the history of the Church.

Bring you sons, bring your neighbors, bring anyone who wants to know the truth about why the enemies of the Catholic Church are making history up as they go along.

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